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Glorifying God by Making Disciples, Locally and Globally

A multi-ethnic, Spirit-filled church family where all people can come to know, experience, and serve Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

We carry out this mission as we Gather, Grow and Go.

We Gather as Worshipers. We Grow as Disciples. We Go as Missionaries. 


We gather as worshippers.


We grow as disciples.


We go as missionaries.

What We Believe

At CIBC, we know that our core beliefs help tell the story of who we are and why we're here.

As an overflow of the Gospel, we embrace our purpose to glorify God by making disciples locally and globally. We Gather to celebrate the Gospel as worshipers. We Grow in the Gospel as disciples. We Go to share the Gospel as ambassadors. The Gospel guides and motivates CIBC. 

We see a church committed to the Word of God. We believe the Bible is true, authoritative, sufficient, and relevant today. Therefore, we read and apply it in all areas of our lives. We cherish God’s Word and joyfully submit to it. 

We see a church committed to Spirit led prayer. We believe in the power and priority of prayer. We pray with faith that God still performs miracles of grace. We pray with boldness knowing that nothing is impossible for God as he draws people to Himself. 

We see a church that is committed to glorifying God through biblical, gospel-centered worship gatherings. We anticipate God using our worship ministry to draw people from all nations to Himself. 

We will be a church focused on intentional discipleship where people grow and make disciples. Our groups will provide a place for Bible study, prayer, encouragement, and accountability. The groups will emphasize life-on-life discipleship with a goal of growing and reproducing followers of Jesus. 

We see a church committed to biblical stewardship both personally and corporately. As we grow in generosity, we will honor God by investing these resources in gospel-centered ministry that builds His Church and furthers His Kingdom. 

We see a church that loves all people. Our love for all people propels our evangelism and missions. We go to people and live “sent” instead of waiting for others to come to us. By God’s grace, we will be known for our love for Jesus, our neighbors, and the nations. 

Giving Online

Why do we give?

Although everything we have belongs to God anyway, God himself is a more generous giver to us than we could ever be in return.

The death and resurrection of Jesus represent the most generous gift ever given — when the King of Glory gave up everything in order to reconcile us to God.

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